Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night (Pages 47-65)

In this section, Elie describes the camp as being empty and dead. They were subject to medical exams, and were deprived from the gold caps in their teeth. Elie somehow managed to keep his this time. One day Elie was whipped 25 times for spying on Idek, the camp leader. Everyone watched while this happened. They saw executions, beatings, and began to lose their faith in God even more than they have before.

Night (Pages 29-46)

Upon arriving in Birkenau all of their objects were left behind. They had lost sense of reality. Elie was seperated upon entry from his mother and sisters. The women had to go to the right, and the men to the left. Elie still remained with his father. Elie and his father, among others, endured harsh treatment while being ordered to march to a location unknown to them. As they were marching, the realized they were headed to be burned alive, but just before it was Elie and his father's turn, they were ordered to turn left and head for the barracks. Elie and his father hoped his mother and sisters were doing alright. Eventually, they were sent to a new camp called Buna. When they arrived an iron gate closed behind them..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Night (Pages 23-28)

The Jewish people were in the cattle car under extremely harsh conditions. Many were exhausted, tired, and dehydrated. It was very hot, and they had to take turn sitting. There was a woman in the cattle car that kept having delusions of seeing a "fire". She was hit repeatedly because of her outburst. After days under these conditions, they arrive at a concentration camp. The woman yells again and wakes up everyone from their daze bacause of her screams. This time, however; there really is a fire. The smell of burning flesh is in the air. It was dark, around midnight. They had officially arrived in Birkenau.

Night (Pages 3-22)

Elie is a 12 year old boy who lives in Sighet. He, his parents, siblings, and his friends are all Jewish. Elie studies Kabbalah. He was asked why he prays, and he said he didn't know.
One day, all of the Jews were expelled from Sighet. The Hungarian police had forced them out.
Life eventually went back to normal for him for a short period. Moishe the Beadle, and Elie's 'mentor', tried to warn the Jews that something catastrophic was coming soon. No one listened.
Eventually, because of the war, Gestapo officers began to put all Jews in convoys. Elie and his family wanted to stick together as long a possible. After loading up everyone, the cattle cars began to move and Elie and his family were on their way....